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Gerabsys offers unique state of the art RFID solutions to  business applications ,which enables to improve the operational efficiency and bottomline of the enterprises.

The Mojix STAR (Space Time Array Reader) system delivers a new universe of capabilities for passive RFID deployments.The technologies behind the Mojix STAR system include innovations in interative signal processing, space time array techniques, smart antennas, digital beam forming, and digital packet radio breakthroughs. These technologies enable the system to detect very faint signals across vast distances in extremely noisy RF environments, and maximize the link budget to give the system its unprecedented indoor receiver sensitivity, accuracy and range.

Unlike conventional RFID systems, the STAR system processes signals in four dimensions — utilizing time, frequency, polarization and the fourth dimension of space in processing received signals from RFID tags.

Headquartered in Los Angeles, California, Mojix was founded in 2004 by some of the world's foremost experts in advanced signal processing technology, perfected for deep space communications. The company's mission is to leverage this technology to create a new generation of game-changing RFID systems that realize the vast potential and expand the utility of RFID throughout supply chains and enterprises. In re-defining RFID, Mojix is enabling organizations to re-invent and derive new levels of value from their supply chain management systems.