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Gerab System Technology L.L.C provides state of the art products and solutions primarily for Telecom System Integrators, Telecommunications operators and large enterprises. The Company has extensive knowledge, expertise and a proven track record of 25 years in the telecommunication market place serving renowned customers in the region.
We offer wide range of OSP (Out Side Plant) solutions:

OPGW Junctions Boxes

The OPGW modular jointing system from Prysmian is a stainless steel joint for the external fibre optic network. The modular tray system is designed for positive fibre Management for single circuit management and single element management for a wide range of applications including feeder & distribution connection within the network


Outdoor Splice closures

We offer outside plant solutions from PRYSMIAN one of the world’s leading IT cable and Systems companies. Prysmian offers various types of fibre joints  like Compact, Single Circuit, In-line modular  for the fibre industry and for different applications ranging from 48 fibre to 144 fibres. In addition to this they also provide Sirocco blown Fibre breakout units,Quick draw lead in assembly, Street cabinets and Fibre distribution hubs


Fibre Rack Distributuion Unit

Prysmian offers a variety of 19" sub racks and distribution frames for the fibre industry and listed below are the commonly used models
Pivoting splicing and patching Type
The OAsys Fibre Pivoting Splicing and Patching Shelf is a 1U shelf allowing the connection of up to 24 Fibres onto a Patch Panel. The shelf is compatible with 19" and ETSI rack practices. Cables enter the shelf on the back left hand side and pigtails exit the unit on the right hand side at the rear.The shelf is supplied with pigtails and adapters pre-installed to save installation time. Cable
The OAsys 24 Fibre Swing Out Splicing and Patching rack
This is a plastic 1U shelf, that allows the connection of up to 24 fibres onto an adapter panel. The shelf is compatible with 19"  and ETSI racks. Cables enter at the rear of the shelf on the left hand side and pigtails exit the unit from the front face. The shelf is supplied either empty, in kit format, or with the pigtails and adapters pre-installed
Oasys SRS 3000 Splice and Patch unit

The OAsys SRS3000 splice and patch panel is a modular unit available in a variety of configurations for integration in to 19"  and ETSI racks, street side or wall mounted cabinets. The product consists of a metal chassis, a plastic light weight splice and patch module and a cable anchoring system. The product is supplied with a capacity of up to 48 fibres in a 1U unit for LC type adaptors and up to 24 fibres for SC/FC//ST E2000 type adaptors. The product is supplied complete with adaptors and pigtails fully loaded into the panel and if required expansion panels are available where reduced capacity is taken on initial purchase. Can be used with blown fibre tube cables as well


ODF -Optical distribution Frames

The OAsys OBX1000 High Capacity ODF is a 900mm x 300mm ETSI standard rack for optical distribution. The racks are available in 42U (2000mm) or 47U (2200mm) sizes and are able to accommodate up to 74 or 82 OAsys Splice and/or Patch Modules. The rack comprises of a frame, side and rear panels, doors and a central patchcord management system. Modules can be purchased pre-installed into the rack by Prysmian, or separately to suit the required A range of accessories are available for cable clamping and fibre/patchcord routing
TE connectivity offers a choice of high density, modular, fibre distribution frame systems. The ODF Optical Distribution Frame with FAME® Technology terminates and splices up to 1440 fibres in an 1800 x 1500 x 300mm footprint). The frame protects fibre cable and connections through use of patented angled adapter/retainers and design features that maintain correct bend radii throughout the frame. FAME® technology features a splice cassette system (either single circuit or single element), with built-in cable guide elements that allow easy fibre jumpering between cassettes. The OMX optical distribution frame requires front-only access and can be installed back-to-back or against a wall to save valuable floor space with up to 864 fibres per frame.
Gerabsys can offer TE connectivity's wall-mounted boxes support termination, splicing, and storage of fibre optic cables in a space-saving and economic wall-mount configuration. The fibre optic module box serves as an indoor distribution point for termination of internal and/or external cables. It uses pre-assembled fibre optic connector modules to reduce installation time.

For multiple dwelling unit applications such as apartment blocks, TE connectivity's OmniReach® MDU product range includes fibre distribution enclosures and fibre cross-connection boxes (fibre distribution terminals) from which individual customers are served. Simplified cable termination systems enable a complete building to be cabled optically on a "plug and play" basis.

TE connectivity's new multifunctional boxes and outlets, featuring FAME® Xcross technology are quick to install and support a variety of cable and connector types, including fiber, coax and data.

TE Connectivity has developed the OMX optical distribution frame which is a modular solution with total front access, the OMX can be installed back-to-back or against a wall to save valuable office floor space. The OMX frame is 600mm x 300mm (ETSI) and has ten mounting positions for the termination, splice and jumper storage modules. The OMX 800 frame is 800mm x 300mm and also has ten mounting positions for the termination, splice and jumper storage modules.This high density frame terminates and splices up to 576 fibers in a 600mm x 300mm (ETSI) footprint and 864 fibers in a 800mm x 300mm footprint. 


Outdoor Enclosures

TE Connectivity enclosures satisfy all relevant requirements such as optimal protection of the installed components, technical compatibility of the products to be installed, a high resistance to climatic and environmental influences. ADC KRONE enclosures are maintenance-free, easy to assemble and access. ADC KRONE offers a broad range of indoor and outdoor enclosures including main distribution frames, cross connection cabinets, boxes, wall-mounted cabinets and racks .


The Cooper B-Line EnviroShield Wireway and Electrical Enclosures help provide environmental protection for electrical devices and wiring in both indoor and outdoor environments. Designed for a range of environmental factors such as rain, sleet, ice, dust, dirt, splashing water, dripping liquids, hose directed water, or corrosion, EnviroShield products are built to protect your valued assets and stand the test of time. Inside and out, our new EnviroShield Electrical Enclosures deliver the best protection of critical electrical controls and instruments inharsh environments


Telecom Solar Shelters & Intelligent controllers

The Clima-Shelter is conceptualized to satisfy the needs of our clients to provide energy in remote areas. The container has been designed optimizing the isolation to prevent the heat exchanges with the external environment. The shelter combined with an aircon guarantees a stable temperature for the telecom equipment and the battery block. Fast Installation, maximal temperature isolation, watertight, fireproof, light construction, and movable make it the ideal shelter. In isolated and remote areas, this energy is expensive and the use of a good design container combined with an efficient clima system reduces the energy consumption. The clima shelter can be easily combined with different solar structures optimizing the use of the space at site. Innovative power supply alternatives for telecom sites are provided in the form of Solar Photovoltaic System, Hybrid Systems like Solar/ Wind/Diesel Generator,Utility Grid/ Back-up Batteries or Generators and UPS Supply Systems.



Eaton is a leading provider of quality backup power UPS, Uninterruptible Power Supply. Eaton UPSs are designed to deliver high quality backup power from desktop PCs to large data centers., Backup power offerings are divided into three categories: Workstation & Home UPS, Network & Server UPS, and Data Center & Facility UPS in 19" racks and tower formats with power ratings ranging from 12-60 KVA in Rack mount versions and 10-30 KVS in tower models with full remote monitoring features. Other application UPS are available on request


LA Batteries

BAE Batterien GmbH is a medium-sized privately owned company with a long tradition of manufacturing lead-acid batteries and have produced high quality batteries in Berlin since 1899. Batteries are made according to the highest (environmental) standards. and are DIN-certificated viz. DIN EN ISO 9001 and 14001.BAE also produces batteries for Traction, Stationary, Locomotive , Low maintenance and maintenance free monobloc cells and batteries for Solar Power System applications .In addition to this they also produce batteries for Telecommunication as well as UPS for industrial applications. BAE batteries are well known for their high lifecycle and low maintenance, which make them especially suitable to the strongly growing off-grid PV-market.


LSA Modules

The LSA-PLUS System family consists of a comprehensive and diverse range high density, standard and special modules, mounting hardware, test and patch cords, accessories and protection devices.Voice, high-speed data transmission via ISDN, ADSL, VDSL, cable TV, Internet access, mobile networks .In addition, TE quality ensures total end-customer satisfaction and  connectivity solutions are designed to deliver fast, safe and reliable transmission


LSA Frames


TE connectivity ‘s Main Distribution frames are available in Wall mount /free Standing/ or single sided  ceiling mount type.They have a Modular design which enables a  space-saving installation  installation time is minimal , since the frame is delivered pre-assembled.

Also available a range of lightweight steel distribution boxes for LSA-PLUS® with  LSA connection and disconnection modules for small and large applications. Each of the standard 500 Series boxes is equipped with stainless steel backmount frames to support either 100, 200 or 400 pairs. Additional features include jumper rings as standard for tidy cable management; lockable doors. etc



Cable Management Systems

Flextray-Wire Basket/Tray   from CooeprBline is a flexible field adaptable way to manage cable throughout your project .It can be cut and bent to customers needs. The wide range of sizes offered make flextray a great choice from a small cable drop to a large volume of cables. Flextray is also UL classified as an equipment grounding conductor