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Data Centers are the foundations of any growing enterprise, Gerabsys can help design, select, specify and deliver specified  products & services in line with project deadlines.Our expertise in industry leading solutions as follows can be offered as an integrated system for any type of business enterprise:

Environmental Monitoring Systems

Cooper B line has developed I-PAL, an intelligent leading edge proximity & control solution using card technology which can deliver simple configurable access control, or when integrated with an I Box a fully scaleable local or remote access control & monitoring solution


Monitored Power/UPS

Eaton is a leading provider of quality backup power UPS, Uninterruptible Power Supply. Eaton UPS's are designed to deliver high quality backup power from desktop PCs to large data centers. Backup power offerings are divided into  three categories - Workstation & Home UPS, Network & Server UPS, and Data Center & Facility UPS in 19” and tower formats with power ratings ranging from 12-60 KVA  in Rack mount versions and 10-30 KVS  in tower models with full remote monitoring features. Other application UPS are available on request.


L A Batteries

BAE Batterien GmbH is a medium-sized privately owned company with a long tradition of manufacturing lead-acid batteries and have produced high quality batteries in Berlin since 1899. Batteries are made according to the highest (environmental) standards. and are DIN-certificated viz. DIN EN ISO 9001 and 14001.BAE also produces batteries for Traction, Stationary, Locomotive , Low maintenance and  maintenance free monobloc cells and batteries for Solar Power System applications .In addition to this they also produce batteries for Telecommunication as well as UPS for industrial applications. BAE batteries are well known for their high lifecycle and low maintenance, which make them especially suitable to the strongly growing off-grid PV-market


Access Control Enabled Server/Network Racks

Cooper B line has introduced a unique & innovative electronic lock enabled cabinet designed to bring unrivalled advantages to highly secured freestanding cabinets and offer a number of benefits. The ACCESS cabinet allows for fast and user-friendly cable installations unparalleled flexibility & convenience and is suited for high performance networks and datacenters


Co-location Racks

The Access Co- locate Multi housing cabinet range provides the perfect space saving solution allowing either two or three conventional rack spaces to be housed within a single cabinet foot print. With individual keyed bays the cabinet offers the additional benefit of allowing tiered access control. By controlling the issue of keys administrators can limit users to either individuals or groups of bays. This functionality can be further enhanced with Cooper’s programmable electronic locking function


New Delta Range of Racks

With a design brief to literally “change the box” CooperBline's world  class engineering teams have developed a data centre enclosure solution unmatched in the marketplace. Delta3 has been designed to be the core of your physical IT infrastructure and support the ever changing demands within data centre environments. Precision engineered features (global patents pending) have been designed into Delta3 to offer time and cost savings from day one installation, through remediation cycles, to the inevitable end-of-life of the datacenter


Open/Relay Racks

CBL is the leading manufacturer of 2 Post and 4 post Open racks offering an industry leading 500 kgs load rating as well as valuable features like permanent RMU markings and tapped assembly holes. For the more competitive market Datacom offers 2 and 4 post racks with or without Castors


Intelligent PDU’s

Eaton ePDUs are enclosure power distribution units designed to provide you with a high quality solution for your power distribution needs. ePDUs provide advanced technologies including manageability, monitoring, and automatic transfer switching for IT equipment and data centers and is flexible plug-and-play to change IT equipment without an electrician.Eaton PDU’s effectively distribute power to 4 upto 45 receptacles in high-density rack environments,and  range from basic models to Flex PDU’s Hot Swap type, managed, monitored, switched and remote emergency off models.
Once connected to the network /software it provides real time bi-communications with each e- PDU connected .It not only allows accurate monitoring and recording of power consumption but also allows the system administrator to control the operation of each & every  individual socket on the  PDU.


MPO & Pre-Terminated Systems

The system is a factory pre-terminated and tested solution with a high density MPO connector at its core. The MPO connector contains 12 fibres in the standard version. This provides 6 x Duplex Channels compared to a standard system with multiple duplex connectors. Recent developments with this connector have resulted in a version with 72 fibres in the same connector. This is the highest density available today on the market. The obvious benefits are less space required and a much better scalability. The system is fully compliant to TIA/EI942 and EN 50173-5, which are specific data Centre standards. All current applications such as 1 & 10 Gigabit, Fibre Channel and InfiniBand can be supported by this system


Ceiling Strut / Ladder, Center Rail Cable Management Systems

Strut ceiling  from  Cooper B line offers grid support systems  is used for  Datacentres to support mechanical & electrical, plumbing, light systems and other critical structures


Fiber Runners

TE connectivity’s  FiberGuide® Fibre Management System offers the greatest breadth of optical raceway products in the industry. In response to customer requirements, TE Connectivity  continues to innovate and improve FiberGuide, adding greater flexibility and driving down installation time to ensure a smooth deployment.FiberGuide is a raceway system designed to protect and route fibre optic patch cords, multi-fibre cable assemblies and intrafacility fibre cable (IFC) to and from fibre splice enclosures, fibre distribution frames and fibre optic terminal devices. FiberGuide ensures a two-inch minimum bend radius is maintained throughout the system. And new tool-less, SnapFit™ junctions, cover options and Plenum Express Exit™ drops significantly reduce the amount of time required for installation.The FiberGuide system is a complete set of products designed and manufactured to ensure total off-frame protection and ease of use. Basic components include horizontal and vertical straight sections, horizontal and vertical elbows, downspouts, junctions and numerous support hardware and flex-tube kits.Speed of Installation :FiberGuide® systems feature a variety of products that allow for quick and easy installation.  Express Exit™ drops as well as tool-less products including Snap-Fit™ junctions, snap-on covers and new-hinged cover options save valuable time for installers.Speed of Deployment:The Express Exit system enables new drops to be added or removed quickly and easily. A drop can be added into a fully loaded raceway in seconds—without cutting.Raceway Flexibility. FiberGuide features 38 support structures, over 75 fittings, multiple drop options and several other components to suit any application you create.

Fibre Protection -TE connectivity’s broadband expertise translates into maximum protection for your network. Two-inch minimum bend radius is maintained throughout the system regardless of the raceway size.


Wire Basket / Trays

Flextray-Wire Basket/Tray  from CooeprBline is a flexible field adaptable way to manage cable throughout your project .It can be cut and bent to customers needs. The wide range of sizes offered make flextray a great choice from a small cable drop to a large volume of cables. Flextray is also UL classified as an equipment grounding conductor


Under Floor Multi Compartment Tool Less Pathways

The FAST System from Cooper B Line is Foldable, Adjustable, Stackable and Tooless providing many options to manage cables inside your raised floor space.With only a few parts you can create everything from a basic single layer installation to a cantilevered multiple tier cable run


PDU's & Accessories

A wide range of professional  modular  design high performance  power distritribution units are vailable for use with 19” cabinets. Housed in an aluminium extrusion body they fearture BS 1363 sockets ranging from 4 way to 12 way configurations.The units are rated at input 13A 250V. All units supplied with an LED indicator and fitted with a 3 metre 3 core cable terminated with a BS style 1363  3 pin plug


Also available are the  Server series power distribution units in an aluminium extrusion body supplied with 3 metre 3 core cable terminated with an  industry specified  EN 60309 32A plug and output 13A modular sockets.


The Industrial range of PDU’s are manufactured to BS 434/EN 60309-1 standards and comprise a 32 A input with 4way 16A sockets and housed in an aluminium extrusion body


IEC type power distributions units complete the range the PDU’s and are available with IEC 320 sockets fitted with a 3 metre 3 core cable terminated with a BS style 1363  3 pin plug and housed in an aluminium extrusion body.


Earthing & Bonding

Cooper B-Line's grounding and bonding product portfolio is a complete solution for providing equipment and personnel safety in the data center.All products are UL Listed and support a BICSI and ANS/TIA/EIA-607 compliant installation