Warranty policy
Gerab System Technology L.L.C offers a warranty on a Pro Rata basis as per each manufacturer of the relevant product for manufacturing defects or poor craftsmanship during the warranty coverage period
Warranty coverage will not apply to the decolorization of products that have been exposed to UV rays
Malfunctioning of equipment stored at improper temperatures other than those specified by the manufacturer is not covered by this warranty.
If the seal of the equipment/component has been removed and tampered with by unauthorized personnel the warranty will be considered void
Unauthorised installations done by unprofessional personnel resulting in equipment performance failure at any point of time will not be covered by warranty.
Mishandling and damage caused due to accidents, fire, floods & force majeure is not covered by this warranty.
All warranty claims must be accompanied by a Proof of Purchase.
Gerab System Technology L.L.C reserves the right to accept or reject any claim.
This policy is subject to change without prior notice.












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